Tax Enquiries and Investigations

Tax Enquiries and Investigations

It’s relatively common for businesses, regardless of its size or the industry it operates in, to come under enquiry by the HMRC. This happens through no fault of your own and nor has it come about through something your accountant has done, it’s simply a routine investigation.

In recent years, the HMRC has started investigating businesses, purely at random, but there might also be specific reasons for their enquiry. Here at Mabe Allen, we understand that having a full investigation carried out on your business is not a pleasant experience, which is why you need expert guidance and defence should it happen to you.

If you’re randomly selected for an HMRC enquiry, you’ll need a specialist accountant who understands how the organisation works and what they’re looking for. Mabe Allen has a team of highly-trained, fully-qualified and experienced accountants who will always be prepared to fight your case and be alongside you every step of the way.

Our team of knowledgeable professionals will endeavour to ensure that the HMRC keeps to their own internal guidelines and won’t overstep any boundaries. Before the process begins, our dedicated accountants will take the time to talk you through everything, making sure that you know what to expect as well as help and support you throughout.

The penalties you could face

Having an expert with you to help and advise you along the way is crucial as it could ensure you aren’t hit with any fines or penalties for undeclared income, for example. As well as having to pay the tax you, potentially, owe, you could also find the HMRC seeking penalties up to an amount equal to the tax owed, doubling your tax bill in the process. You’ll also be charged interest on the late payment of the tax as part of the arrangement.

It can be a highly-stressful experience for everyone involved, especially if you’re part of a random investigation. With a seasoned accountant working on your behalf, you’ll be sure to keep such penalties to an absolute minimum, or even avoid them altogether.

Anti-investigation scanning checks

Although random investigations are common among businesses of any kind, there are some things you can do to avoid coming under fire. Our trusted accountants here at Mabe Allen, operating throughout Derby, Ilkeston, Ripley and the surrounding areas, know and understand the triggers that will increase the chances of your business being subjected to a random HMRC enquiry.

Most of the time, random investigations are carried out when businesses submit, or fail to submit, tax returns to them. If you choose Mabe Allen to look after your business’ accounts, then you can rest assured that every tax return or set of accounts we submit to the HMRC will go through a review process to identify any areas that may lead to an enquiry before they’re submitted without explanation.

For further information about the tax enquiries and investigations services we’re able to provide our clients throughout Derby, Ripley, Ilkeston and the surrounding areas, please feel free to get in touch with a member of our committed team of accountants today – we’re always on hand to help and support you when you need it most.