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Mabe Allen are pleased to have a free, simple-to-follow resources page that’ll help to guide you through the world of accountancy, tax and finances in general. Don’t hesitate to sign up to our monthly e-newsletter, at no cost, in order to make the most of our resources and also to keep up to date with any key or top developments.

Our resources page provides you with everything you need to help broaden your knowledge of finance and accountancy, regardless of the business you own or the industry you work in. Although, if you’d prefer more bespoke, in-depth advice, please feel free to contact one of our highly-qualified, fully-trained accountants today. You’ll be able to email us at or give us a call on 01332 345265 at a time to suit you – we’re always happy to help.

In addition to this, we have also tried to cover some of our most commonly asked questions, each one put to us by our valued clients. From tax and business calculators to tax help sheets and collecting market data, we’ll be able to provide you with the help you need. We’re sure that our resources page will be able to help, no matter how big or small your business is.

icon-tax-calculatorsBusiness Calculators

A selection of free business calculators to choose from.

icon-the-budgetThe Budget

Analysis of the latest budget reports and statements.

icon-tax-helpsheetsMarket Data

Historical indexes for rates of inflation, earnings, exchange rates and more.

icon-tax-calculatorsTax Calculators

Calculate useful tax-related information from Payroll to Fuel Cost and more.

icon-tax-calendarTax Calendar

Use our tax calendar to make sure you do not miss those important deadlines.

icon-special-tax-reportsTax Helpsheets

All different aspects of tax such as vat, and capital gains tax.

icon-tax-rates-and-allowancesTax Rates & Allowances

All current tax rates and allowances you'll ever need.

icon-special-tax-reportsBusiness Helpsheets

Numerous non-tax helpsheets on all different aspects of running your business.

icon-tax-busting-checklistAdditional Tax Resources

Even more tax-based resources at your disposal.

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