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Property Tax

Are you a buy to let investor or property dealer or developer?

Mabe Allen are proud to provide our clients throughout Ripley, Ilkeston, Derby and the surrounding areas with help and advice regarding property tax. Whether you need some clarification about your property tax situation or have several questions that need answering about the same topic, then you’ll always be able to count on our team of experienced chartered accountants to guide you through it.

Property tax can prove to be a bit of a maze, especially when you aren’t sure about the situation at hand and require a specialist to talk you through it. With that in mind, you can rely on our professional accountants to advise you on a number of different issues, including the following:

  • Tax reduction strategies for rental income
  • Talking you through what’s repair and tax deductible
  • Explaining to you what is regarded as capital and what isn’t
  • When to use a Limited Company to save tax
  • Explaining trading income versus Capital Gain considerations and providing advice on the aforementioned
  • Capital Gains rollover and holdover considerations
  • Stamp Duty implications
  • Tax efficient mortgage structures
  • VAT considerations of property deals
  • How to make the most of the Principal Private Residence election
  • Tax issues on the sale of part of your residence
  • Advice on second homes and potential tax owed
  • Inheritance Tax angles

Regardless of your situation, we’ll provide you with the peace of mind and reassurance you need to ensure all issues revolving around property tax are settled. We’re proud to offer advice and guidance whenever you need it most.

If you would like more information about the property tax services we’re able to provide or if you’d simply like us to answer some of your most pressing questions, then get in touch with a member of our expert team today – we’re always pleased to help.

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